Every child needs encouragement
we believe that as a child’s physical skills improve there will be a sense of pride in accomplishment and growth in self confidence,
encouragement and self confidence means progress.


This project is being offered so as to engage all children in an outdoor sports activity. The idea is to present an element of enjoyment whilst learning the basics of a sport, these being Tennis, Netball, Soccer and Rugby. The programme is not discriminatory and aims to involve everyone in the class and not just those with the affordability.


We will be meeting milestones in the pre primary children such as:
• hand / eye ball co-ordination
• fine and gross motor skills
• teaching participation in a team sport
• teaching sharing and turn taking
• building confidence
• giving ALL children a chance at playing a sport no matter what their level is.

From 1 years old to grade rr it will be teaching the finer points of playing, positioning, rules, playing matches and discipline on the court / field.


20 to 40 minute sessions will take place once a week whereby various activities related to that particular sport and age group will be organized.


Coaches and students with experience and knowledge of playing the particular sports involved will be taking the sessions. All these people have achieved umpiring skills.
They all have basic First Aid Knowledge and Police Clearances.


The coaching sessions will take place on your school grounds.


We will bring the equipment needed for each session so there is no outlay on your part.

Per child per month.
Subsidies will be considered.

It became apparent that there is a need to start a sports programme off in the pre primary schools so that when they reach ‘big school’ the children have a basic idea of sports and team participation. It had to be a programme that would keep the children’s attention and enthusiasm. There was also an apparent need to involve as many children as possible.

Tots in Teams is a unique programme which on the outset was aimed at
pre-primary children.

The programme started in January 2011 and, the object was to introduce
Grade 00 and Grade R children to sports so that on reaching Grade 1 they will have a basic knowledge of playing a sport, knowing the basic rules and being in a team.

Since the commencement of the programme it has slowly become apparent that it will not be restricted to the 5 & 6 year olds but that there is a need for it in younger children for the participation value and we have been approached to introduce it to some Grades 1, 2 & 3 as an after school programme to assist school staff.

We understand that some children are not interested in sport and may also lack the confidence to participate. Our aim is to include them in the program by, for example, holding the ball or some other equipment for the coach, fetching and carrying for the coach and with the correct motivation build their confidence to then join in.